Our mission is to help students with information about universities worldwide.

This blog started from our desire to facilitate access to information for such an important area in everyone’s life: education.
Education goes beyond boundaries and locations. Education is brewed within the family, but also globally. In the last 20 years we have noticed the internationalization of education and migration of students to different countries. The reasons are numerous, and it is not always the wish to access a prestigious university. We often talk about the love for a certain country and its culture, or a niche of the study program with limited access in other countries.

When the options are so numerous, it is difficult to choose where to go, especially if you have not made up your mind yet and you simply know that you want to have an international student experience. Our role is to present as objectively and real as possible the study options abroad.
We want to cover absolutely all the questions that a future student would ask before making a decision: from general information about study destinations, living costs and tuition fees, to detailed presentations of certain universities, colleges and other institutions, interviews with university representatives and video interviews with students from all over the world. We also offer you access to our student pack, where you can learn about the materials needed for the admission process, trips and tricks for preparing the admission files, and other secrets and useful advice to prepare for the next years of your study.

We do research night and day, to present the advantages and disadvantages of different options, whether it is the country, the universities, the majors or the jobs. We will not favor anyone or anything in particular, but present the information in a way that is as transparent as possible, in order to draw guidelines and an overview of your options.

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