Are Online Degrees Worth It? Find out now! [2021]

Many people nowadays wish to have better access to education and a more flexible study schedule. The sanitary crisis that started in 2020 showed us the importance of an online academic setting and the trend continues in 2021. Most of the people who chose to pursue an online degree hope that upon graduation they will secure a job. However, some employers may be uncertain of your value if you have an online degree diploma, but for most it should be an issue at all.

Some still have the idea that studying physically and attending a class is actually better than participating in online classes. This idea is indeed wrong because some studies showcase that students who attend online classes perform better or at least equal to those who attend classes physically. The U.S. Department of Education conducted the Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning – A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies, which is a very interesting paper delving deeper into the study.

There a plethora of reasons why someone would pursue an online bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. The main reason is price – online degrees are very cheap compared to their physical counterparts. Thus, there is one question that pops up – are online degrees as good as non-online degrees?

Are online degrees accredited?

Before you sign up for an online course, make sure it is accredited. Quality degrees must get accreditation from the competent authorities without any problems. Employers worried about the validity of online degrees would most likely investigate if the course is approved. If you did your due diligence before you started, then you have nothing to think about.

Does someone hire you with an online degree?

One issue that graduates are concerned about is whether the employer will drop their online degree. Unfortunately, there’s a group of students who fake credentials and pretend to have received them from an online college. That is a crime and most likely the benefits do not outweigh the drawbacks. In addition, managers are less curious with how you received your degree, whether you took courses online or physically. You will even be shocked that they would not notice until you reveal it. It’s because online degrees are legitimate.

Can you transfer online credits?

The future is here and it is online. Employers and higher education institutions recognize online degrees more than ever. The thing is that some of the most distinguished universities offer free online courses on various platforms, or even offer online and distance learning. Therefore, you can transfer online credits from an online degree whenever you decide that you want to pursue a graduate degree from any university. This is a solid proof that online degrees are legitimate and you should seriously consider them.

It is important to note that college education is about so much more than just joining the workforce. There are also occupations that require special degrees and qualifications that can only be attained by college courses. Medical practitioners, engineers and physicists are unable to perform without a specific degree. However, a lot of other professions and skills are taught by working in the field.

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