Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu students can pay their fees with virtual currencies

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu students can pay their fees with virtual currencies

"Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu announces in a press release that it will soon be the first university in Romania to allow the payment of this year's admission fees in a virtual currency. The cryptocurrency in which payments will be made will be EGLD, developed by the Romanian startup Elrond. "Our University has been and [...]

5 Must-Try Delicious & Cheap Recipes For College Students on a Budget

Ham Salad, Very Fast - 15 minutes Ingredients: 2-3 small tomatoes or 1 large tomato1 small cucumberA very small green bell pepperOne small onionOne eggA slice of pressed hamA slice of cheeseOptional a little parsleySalt, oil and vinegar for dressing the salad Steps: First, you need to boil a hard-boiled egg, which you can also [...]

Digitization in the Higher Education of Romania Mediocre at Best?

While much has been said about the importance of integrating e-learning platforms into the daily work of students in secondary schools and high schools, too little is said about the digitization of higher education in Romania. Now, in the pandemic, it's not just first-year college students who are confused or dissatisfied with what's going on [...]

The Board of Directors of ”Danubius” University announced on Thursday, January 14, that the appointment of American researcher William B. Harvey as rector of the higher education institution has been approved by the Ministry of Education.

According to a statement issued by the university, Harvey, an internationally recognized researcher and manager, is taking the helm to expand the institution's links with international academia through the quality, professionalism and involvement of its students, faculty and alumni. Prior to his leadership position at Danubius University, Harvey was an eminent researcher at the American [...]

The University of Bucharest is the best ranked university in Romania in the international Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021 , in the margin of 301-400.

In the ranking published today, among the Romanian universities, two other member universities of the University Consortium appear in the margin of 401-600: the 'Babeş-Bolyai' University of Cluj-Napoca and the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest. Also, in the top appears the Polytechnic University of Bucharest in the margin 401-600. It is the third Impact [...]

Third Edition of The Romanian International University Fair 2021

Third Edition of The Romanian International University Fair 2021

Over 60 universities from 13 countries and over 7,000 study programs for bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees will be present online on April 8, at the RIUF (The Romanian International University Fair). Attendance is free, as the organizers have announced. Virtual RIUF 2021 Visitors can chat directly with university representatives via video call, chat or [...]

6 Cheap and Expensive Backpacks for College Students

Backpacks are an essential item for every college student. You take them everywhere - school, shopping, the gym, you name it. What makes a backpack great? Is it the durability? Does it have to follow the latest trend? Does the price matter? These are some of the questions that you might ask yourself before buying [...]

Are Online Degrees Worth It? Find out now! [2021]

Are Online Degrees Worth It? Find out now! [2021]

Many people nowadays wish to have better access to education and a more flexible study schedule. The sanitary crisis that started in 2020 showed us the importance of an online academic setting and the trend continues in 2021. Most of the people who chose to pursue an online degree hope that upon graduation they will [...]

57 Quotes About Education You Should Know

Education is a system that encourages learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and customs. Courses provide us an appreciation of the world around us and offer us the ability to use that knowledge wisely. Moreover, education lets us develop in a personal, technical and social way. It also allows people to become [...]