South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Interview with Ashli Maddox

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The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (South Dakota Mines) was established in 1885 in order to provide instruction in the region’s primary industry – mining. The university offers an abundance of programs, including Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Mining Engineering and Business Management in Technology.

A South Dakota resident is expected to pay per year an estatimated total of $21050 ($11020 for Tuition, $2050 for Book Supplies and $7980 for Room and Board), while a non South Dakota resident will be paying $25430 ($15400 for Tuition).

Why should students choose your university?

If a student is looking for a collaborative environment to grow professional skills aiding them in becoming a leader in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers, this is the place. South Dakota Mines offers a learning environment where a student is able to work closely with peers and professors to gain experience solving real-world issues in labs equipped with the same technology they would be using on the job. South Dakota Mines is the #1 Engineering School in the country for Return on Investment by College Factual.

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Is it an advantage to get your application in early? (such as Early Bird)

South Dakota Mines offers academic scholarships (based on ACT or SAT scores and unweighted GPA) to high school seniors who have completed the application process AND have been accepted before January 15th. As an added bonus, if students are accepted before December senior year, they will receive their academic scholarship information by mail before the first of the year. South Dakota Mines will take into consideration ACT or SAT score changes if all the results are received by South Dakota Mines before January 15th. Choosing the best-fit college is a big choice, students don’t have to commit to South Dakota Mines to see their scholarship amount, but, if South Dakota Mines is near the top of their list, students do need to decide to accept their scholarship by May 1st.

Here is a link to what scholarships look like for Fall 2021,

What sports, societies and student clubs are available at the university?

South Dakota Mines has an amazing group of students with diverse interests. Hardrockers have created several robotics clubs, clubs focusing on drone design and compete nationally in ATV, race car and NASA moon rover design. One of the unique degrees offered at South Dakota Mines is Metallurgical Engineering. Campus is home to a foundry for blacksmithing and even has a first place award for a sword created for competition in Norway,

Here is a cute video from one of the Student Org Fairs on campus,

South Dakota Mines has Division II athletics and competes RMAC (Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference). Some of the Hardrocker Division II athletics include football, volleyball, basketball, track and field, and eSports,

Music and Arts are also popular organizations on campus. Drama Club organizes and preforms plays twice a year. The APEX gallery hosts exhibits from local artists as well as student art. The Humanities Department has scholarship for students in band and choir after a year at South Dakota Mines (audition based).

What careers have recent graduates gone on to?

Graduates from South Dakota Mines have gone to work for companies such as NASA, Amazon, Tesla, Google, Microsoft, Garmin, Boeing and Ford Motor Co., South Dakota Mines also assists students in gaining entrepreneur skills to create and lead their own companies, The Career and Development Center organizes two career fairs on campus including over 130 employers leading to 79% of students receiving work experiences with companies across the United States (and some over-seas) before students have graduated from South Dakota Mines. These internships and co-ops have led to South Dakota Mines having a 96% placement rate when it comes to students finding a job in their career field of study after graduation,

Do most students stay on campus on weekends?

Yep. Many students coming to campus are from Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska and other out-of-state communities. South Dakota Mines is located in Rapid City, South Dakota in the beautiful Black Hills. Hiking, camping, climbing, fishing and other outdoors activities have made South Dakota Mines a destination college attracting students from all over. Downtown Rapid City hosts concerts in the summer and early fall. Businesses downtown include boutiques, ice cream shops, comic book stores, restaurants, escape rooms and a $5-movie theater.

We want to thank Ashli Maddox, Regional Admissions Counselor, for her quick and prompt response to our questions. If you are looking for an institution focused on practical approaches and solving real-world problems then we highly recommend to take South Dakota School of Mines & Technology into consideration!

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