The Baptist College of Florida Interview

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The Baptist College of Florida is a private Baptist College in Graceville, Florida. The college was established in 1943 and their focus is spreading the message of Christianity across the globe. The university offers a plethora of programs, including Missions with a Concentration in Aviation, Music, Psychology, Biblical Studies and English Secondary Education.

Their fees per semester are more accessible than most colleges, reporting that for the 2020-2021 academic year a Dorm Student is expected to pay around $8906. This includes Tuition ($5625), Room/Board ($2306), Books/Supplies ($525), Fees ($450). The costs for a Family Student are similar adding up to $8850.


Sandra Richards, Director of Student Life and Marketing, responded to our request for a mini-written interview via e-mail.

Why should students choose your university?  

Because we are training the next greatest generation of Christian leaders. Top quality education equipping and preparing men and women for areas of ministry, missions, elementary education, music, business leadership, and much more.

Is it an advantage to get your application in early? (such as Early Bird)

Sure, as soon as the prospective student applies and is admitted, they can talk with a Faculty Advisor and register.

What sports, societies and student clubs are available at the university?

BCF currently offers a large number of intramural sports program.  We also have two student clubs that are designed for off-campus ministry as well as all of the campus events with BCM.

What careers have recent graduates gone on to?

Our graduates are serving as “Rookie Teacher’s of the Year” in schools across the area. Our graduates are pastors, youth leaders, Music and Worship Leaders, musicians, missionaries, business leaders, and lawyers.

Do most students stay on campus on weekends? 

It varies from semester to semester… and we’re only an hour away from the most beautiful beaches in the world – Panama City Beach, Florida. 

The Baptist College of Florida definitely seems like a warm environment, where education and friendship go hand in hand. What can be more wonderful than studying in a good-natured community and having access to the beaches of Florida.

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