Top 6 Reasons Why You Would Want To Study Medicine

“Why do you want to study medicine?”

It’s a pretty rough issue. It is also difficult to explain precisely why the medical profession is so appealing, whether you are dreaming about a career in nursing, writing a personal statement or planning for an interview.

So, it’s not shocking that we don’t really get the mere thought of joining the medical profession, except for those who would truly love it and succeed at it.

1. You will help people

Being a doctor is about treating patients, relieving their suffering and making them feel better. You will be part of the caretakers of society. You will patch people up and assure they live the safest and happy life that they can. You will contribute to the welfare of your community and maybe some will not remember your name, but you will still be a hero.

2. You will use science everyday

Medicine is a science that we are continuously implementing. We develop theories based on medical records and physical tests, and question them by imaging and testing. And these approaches themselves rely on scientific reasoning to carry out and analyze the findings.

If you have an inquiring mind and some sharp logical thinking skills, you’d never get bored. Each case is a new puzzle with its own set of problems.

3. Career diversity

You can work and specialize in so many branches!

Throughout history, the division into surgical and internal medicine specialties has been the most significant. Surgical specialties are those of where a large portion of diagnosis and care is done by major surgical techniques. The specialties in internal medicine are those of which major surgery is never the primary diagnosis and treatment. In certain countries, anesthesiology is listed as a medical specialty because it is critical in the surgical process, while anesthesiologists never conduct major surgery themselves.

4. You are going to put theory into practice

Medicine is a beautiful combination between learning a lot and being able to do a lot of things with that experience. When you become a doctor or surgeon, you will apply these ancient old truths on a regular basis through various practical procedures. This is a great draw for those of us who find seminars and books very dull compared to delivering a fine, old-fashioned injection!

5. You will work in a multidisciplinary medium

Don’t think about being surrounded by boring doctors all day, because you’re always going to be with experts from a variety of backgrounds. You will work together with nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists and pharmacists – just to mention a few!

The diverse points of view can be refreshing, and as any career attracts subtly different personalities, your professional life will not be turned into a series of encounters with extremely similar individuals.

6. Job Stability

Unlike professions that are, at their very core, technology-dependent, everybody requires a doctor. You’ll also see professions like investment bankers, politicians, and attorneys listed alongside doctors, because they won’t be obsolete anytime soon. There’s no hope, unfortunately, for any one of those VCR repairmen. The specialty is therefore broad enough to find the different specializations that are in demand.

Would you like to become a doctor?

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