Why Should You Study In The Amazing Australia? Here Are 6 Of The Many Reasons

Deciding to study abroad is an incredible step. Beyond leaving your friends and family behind, you will still be confronted by the thoughts of when and where you are going to learn. Some of the best colleges, incredible nature, thriving towns, and many oceans are just some of the reasons why so many foreign students chose to study in Australia. Studying abroad can be a little overwhelming, but the payoff in terms of schooling and personal advancement can also be immense.

This vibrant country provides a wide range of opportunities for those studying abroad. Here are only six of the many reasons why you should choose Australia as your destination for studying abroad.

1. Excellent Quality of Higher Education

International students can select from a wide range of choices in Australia. Australia is home to a total of 43 colleges, with 40 Australian, two multinational and one private. It is a matter of excellence as well as quantities, with six Australian universities ranked in the top 100 globally renowned universities.

2. Australia is an Ethnic Mosaic

Australia is an ethnic mosaic. The sheer number of cultures that abound provides the ability to venture out of your normal comfort zone and try something different, but also to know that you are in a multicultural world. Many of the advantages of living in a multicultural community include great food, foreign public gatherings and learning another language.

3. Wildlife

Around 180 million years ago Gondwana’s supercontinent fractured. One of the breakaway lands of this separation was Australia and Antarctica. By 30 million years ago Australia was totally divided and migrated alone to the north. Since then transition has contributed to the unusual flora and fauna we know today in Australia and the changes in land and climate, as well as the physical isolation from the rest of the planet. In Australia more than 80% of the plants, mammals, snakes and frogs are rare and are unrecognized worldwide.

4. Everybody speaks English!

Australians speak English, which makes learning and understanding convenient for most foreign students. Although it can take a little longer to learn the slang, you should get someone to describe the slang to you as you fight to keep up with conversations. You would be astonished by the Australians’ variants. Here are some examples:

No worries, mate, she’ll be right

Reflects a national indifference that implies everything will turn out alright in the end. This being the case, there’s no real reason to worry about anything.

Put a sock in it

Tells somebody to “shut up.”

Crikey, blimey

Euphemisms used to communicate astonishment or surprise.

One for the road

A last drink before heading home. It is said at bars or friends’ houses before going home.

5. Australia is a major player in global research

Australian higher education institutions are successful in research, excelling in the fields of arts and sciences, education and technology. Australia is also a proud contributor to global science, credited with numerous significant discoveries, such as penicillin, IVF and wi-fi. This makes Australia a perfect alternative for foreign students—whether you like to learn from the best of coursework or do your own research.

6. Awesome Quality of Life

Australia is doing very well in many well-being metrics compared to most other countries in the Better Life Index. Australia is at the forefront of political participation and above average in wages and wealth, environmental sustainability, health status, accommodation, jobs and incomes, schooling and skills, subjective well-being, social relations and personal welfare. The work-life dynamic is below normal. 


Australia isn’t for everybody. The kangaroos might scare you, the snakes might bite you, but one thing is certain the safe and laid back atmosphere will be like a magnet once you settle there. What are your thoughts on studying in Australia? Would you move there?

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